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i cried--

I cried at the end xd


Love this game<3

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had a great time playing

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At first I though the game is hard, but then I realized stats upgrading is a thing (yes I didn't check the gifs, fight me)

Update (With spoilers ahead): after completing the game on a good ending (letting Timmy leave by himself) and then remembering that if you upgrade everything you can leave to the afterlife, I got the best (and what I believe, the true) ending, the game was totally a blast, and it was a bit silly one-tapping every enemy after upgrading my damage to the brim at the very beginning. Amazing and wholesome, really enjoyed playing it!

how did you farmed that much xp?

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Simple, you enter the cave, smite all the ghosts, re-enter the cave, the ghosts re-appear :D



Will there be any more games from you? Cause this was a masterpiece.

how do i open the game


It should look like this with a faint purple-white star near it, RPG_RT! It should be an application filetype.

All the skeletons were fun and whimsical, had a great time playing


i can fix the baker.

is it suppose to look like this?



awesome short game,i cant wait about an update or something 

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I've tried your game, and I really like it.
Me and a friend of mine would like to translate it in Italian.
Is it possible?

love game ✨

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It's good. Very encapsulating setting. The story is okay... Combat and other animations are superb. Wonderful sound design; love the music (can't stop listening after months).

I wish we could have more stories in Grimm's Hollow.


I genuinely believe that this is my favorite game ever.
While I've seen it a while ago, actually being able to play it firsthand is such a different experience. 
Love the work you guys put into this


this game is frickin incredible, played it a long time ago and i still think about it alot


Epic game, very heartfelt! this is one of my favorite games


Hello! Would you like to add Ukrainian to this game?
I'm from Ukraine!

I love this game, really the game experience he was great. I connected with the characters, and it ended how it had to end. Congratulations to the creators :)


So for some reason I can't pay with my debit card like I usually do. I want to send the dev some love and get the art book but paypal is being dumb. Are there any alternatives to paying? I haven't played yet and would like to pay before playing.


i remember a while back i installed this game using steam. it is still one of my favorite free games. i haven't found any other game that I've liked in the same genre as grimms hallow (other then undertale, but who doesn't love undertale)


another rpg ive found hits that good old rpg game spot is Crowscare by Arcadekitten. :)



ya know,i'm a chinese player of your game,i like your game so much,the only pity is that there's no chinese for me to read,so,ya know,please adding chinese translation for this game,though i know it's a selfish request but PLEASE!thank you for your hardwork and What you have done for this game,i just want chinese translation for me to read easier

amazing game

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I LOVED this game if I could play it again without any knowledge of it I would. This game has my heart and It was amazing the ending had me happy but sad but still this game was 10/10


Amazing game, very sad but very good
wish i could play it again :)


This video is just a part one playthrough but I have completed the entire game. More than once in fact because it's such a good game! I love all of the cute characters. The humor sprinkled here and there made me laugh out loud. The story was very good and I was not expecting to get so emotional while playing this.

Thank you for making such a great game! I had a lot of fun playing.

made me :)  and :(

I AM ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED WITH THIS GAME.. i would do anything for a full version where there actually is an end goal of collecting enough to get out, but im in love with it as it is, so no pressure <3

this is such a beautiful game! beautiful art, beautiful story, beautiful music - had a lot of fun playing :)

Do you think there will ever be a mac version? I really wanna get my (mac only) friend to play!

I sure could have played this game forever, final boss sure wasnt easy :-)

This game is so CUTE !! I think it's a very good game!

I absolutely loved playing this game, I loved the story, the characters and everything else that was in this wonderful game!

I'm definitely giving this game 5 stars because it was amazing!

This game is amazing, I had lost my mother and my father isn't  really  there much so I relate to lavender. When I first played this game it had helped me out of a dark place and I ended up falling in love with it. Thank you for this game!

I teared up at the end. Whiffed the dodge and Baker put me on the floor. Then I watched the cinnamon roll that is Timmy die. I can relate to Lavender, not exactly to the same extent, but I've been there, so watching Timmy die was like watching my little brother die. I understood why it had to happen. I didn't care though. It's my job to protect him, and I failed. I haven't played a game that kicked me in the balls this hard in years, fantastic work!

up on the arrow key seems to do nothing  and i dont think its my keyboard as up on the keyboard works for everything else but this game

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