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When Lavender woke up this morning, she wasn’t expecting to be surrounded by a crowd of over-excited, skull-masked strangers with cake and balloons. After all, it wasn’t her birthday; and this wasn’t her home.
She devises a plan to find her brother and escape from the outlandish townspeople of the Hollow - but is she prepared for the grave consequences?

Grimm’s Hollow is a video game inspired by a longing for a short and sweet RPG experience.

It has:

  • A lot of comfort food.
  • A lot of cute ghosts.
  • A lot of mean ghosts.
  • 3 haunted caves to explore!
  • Multiple endings 

Pay-what-you want for the OST on bandcamp!

Music by Nat Wesley (natbird) & Bruno Buglisi (Hibarist).


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Grimm's Hollow V 1.1 277 MB
Version 1
Grimm's Hollow - Russian V 1.1 / русский 275 MB
Grimm's Hollow - Español (Latinoamérica) 275 MB
Grimm's Hollow - Português (Brasil) 275 MB
Grimm's Hollow - 日本語 (Japanese) 282 MB


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Played your game on Steam, it's fantastic! I love the world you've crafted and the art style is super pretty.

It's a hard recommend to any of my friends that ever wanna play good rpgs like Undertale, which seems to be it's own genre to ppl so it's easier to explain lol

Also I would die for a plush of the little reapers. pls consider so i can give u more of my money ;D

I just streamed your game, and let me say, it was one of the best games I've ever played. As an older sibling, I really related to Lavender's character. The sibling dynamic was very well written as was the rest of the story. As a writer, I really appreciated and loved the writing and concept in this game! The gameplay and art made it even better.

You've truly made a masterpiece sir/ma'am, and you should be very proud of yourself! 

11/10 I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone and everyone.


This is the first game that made me cry on stream. 
May good things come your way, ghosthunter!

In the fighting tut it doesnt go through all the fighting aspects.. i had trouble with the aiming.. can i have some help here lol

With the aiming you get used to it as you play. At first my timing sucked but later in the game my aim was on the white spot 80% of the time

Do You have plans for a sequel or any other games because I really liked this game

I absolutely loved it the story was amazing how you could sympathise with the villain while still having a villain esk approach i also loved how the game was not too hard to learn and you didn't have to grind for hours thank you very much for making this wonderful game!

The game is really great but the download needs to mark as a windows game otherwise in itch desktop the software throw a error

Done! Gone ahead and marked it as Windows only. Thanks for letting me know! 

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There’s another problem your game should not go in another website to download the game or file (like dropbox), the game should be downloaded directly in itch.io and not in a different website, otherwise itch desktop throw a error

Here a image about it

Updated the English file so that it's compatible with the itch.io app on Windows (I tested it). Sorry it took so long, but thank you for letting me know!

Good job it hit me in the feels like undertale did, far from perfect but still amazing pleaser keep up the good work


this was a great game! The story, the characters, all of it was just great! 


Cute, short and effective story. Every second of it was so precious to me. It's an amazing game and its free!


i love this game

One of my absolutely favorite games!

Went through every ending (even the difficult ones), added the soundtrack to my phone and I still come back to play every so often.

Having a lot of fun with this game!

-Made a Video.

"this game is pretty well made, i like it."


Play this game, it is 100% worth the time.



Okay you have no right to make me cry like that ;-;

Also, I'm curious - how many endings are there? I got the two that come from failing/winning the final boss, are there more?

Ive seen these graphics before. what are they from? an asset pack?

This game made me very happy, as sad as the themes are, I loved every moment of this.


We really enjoyed playing & discussing Grimm’s Hollow on Indie Game Club (it’s like a book club for indie games)!

You can watch the video here:

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Keep up with Indie Game Club from POTIONS & PIXELS here: 

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We are also going through the itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality!

This game's awesome!

I love this <3

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put this on Mac one day please

Edit: https://grimmshollow.tumblr.com/post/188737870129/how-to-run-grimms-hollow-on-ma... 


i like this game so much

I played this a while ago but I had a lot of fun playing it and I am happy I was able to get the endings. It was very cute and well made. 

забавная игра


funny game

Do jeito que sou é óbvio que chorei horrores com o final. Amei muito a experiência que o jogo me proporcionou, está mais do que recomendado!!!!


I did an entire playthrough of this for my 31 days of spoops. It was one of my favorites entries. This is such a heartwarming and charming little game. I loved it!


It looks so fun, but for some reason it wont let me download it

gente q jogo lindo confesso q chorei muito no final


Really lovely game visually and musically, and the story was quite fun ! The gameplay really wasn't my favorite however, the arrow placement to target the enemies was weird, leading to me often hitting the wrong enemy and the dodges were a bit finnicky.

Definitely still worth trying however, it's a fun game <3

Incredible gameplay and cute graphics! :)

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My advice: play the game

this was a rly lovely game, the endings tore at my heart strings. great job with this!

Aaahhh, I caught this game on steam and made a twitter thread with short videos of my reactions when I played it!


Charming game! I will make sure to finish it!

The ending where Timmy came back to life but Lavender stayed with Grimm is my favourite. Grimm is my favourite character.

If you had the same problems as me just watch this video.

Never mind I fixed it.

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