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Okay you have no right to make me cry like that ;-;

Also, I'm curious - how many endings are there? I got the two that come from failing/winning the final boss, are there more?

might be a wrong guess  but the game did tell us in the start that reapers can go into the light after they have collected energy (by reaping ghosts) and completed their ghosts.
which (spoiler) the end boss has supposedly done.

so, maybe before fighting the end boss, if you acually get all the upgrades and skills and stuff and therefor "complete your soul", maybe the final scene might be different?

That's about the only thing I can imagine happening, otherwise I cant imagine how to find any other ending :-/

On the other end, given that Grimm at some point complains to us about having always lied, maybe there is an "honesty" path where we actually can get his help early on? :O

Ive seen these graphics before. what are they from? an asset pack?

This game made me very happy, as sad as the themes are, I loved every moment of this.


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This game's awesome!

I love this <3

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put this on Mac one day please



i like this game so much

I played this a while ago but I had a lot of fun playing it and I am happy I was able to get the endings. It was very cute and well made. 

забавная игра


funny game

Do jeito que sou é óbvio que chorei horrores com o final. Amei muito a experiência que o jogo me proporcionou, está mais do que recomendado!!!!


I did an entire playthrough of this for my 31 days of spoops. It was one of my favorites entries. This is such a heartwarming and charming little game. I loved it!


It looks so fun, but for some reason it wont let me download it

gente q jogo lindo confesso q chorei muito no final


Really lovely game visually and musically, and the story was quite fun ! The gameplay really wasn't my favorite however, the arrow placement to target the enemies was weird, leading to me often hitting the wrong enemy and the dodges were a bit finnicky.

Definitely still worth trying however, it's a fun game <3

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My advice: play the game

this was a rly lovely game, the endings tore at my heart strings. great job with this!

Aaahhh, I caught this game on steam and made a twitter thread with short videos of my reactions when I played it!

Charming game! I will make sure to finish it!

The ending where Timmy came back to life but Lavender stayed with Grimm is my favourite. Grimm is my favourite character.

If you had the same problems as me just watch this video.

Never mind I fixed it.

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It wont work for me it just says rpg maker 2003 rtp is not found whenever I try to open it.


Absolutely Amazing!

um ok


Just finished it.
I loved it.
The design and its vibe are truly amazing, I really enjoyed the story and the battle system too, even if it's turn based, it was really funny, the only bad thing was the enemy's special attack bar that appears under the action menu, it was a bit tiring.
Still an amazing game, I hope to try other game from this amazing team in the future.

Sorry for the possible bad grammar, English is not my first language :3


While I may have played the steam version I can 100% say that this is a well made game. It’s fun, and even someone like me can beat it, and I’m terrible at video games!


This was a great game, really cute and bittersweet, really good for all the things that are happening right now all arround the glove. I'll strongly recommend it to everybody. Can't wait to see what they come up with next.
Really good job devs!!


Awesome game!


This is really cool! It's so Halloween-ish!

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