New artbook + fanpack available!

Visit the fanpack page.

Visit the fanpack page here

Visit the fanpack page.

Hello everyone! 

Thank you for all the support for Grimm's Hollow over the years. A fanpack, containing an artbook, some wallpapers, and developer's notes, has been released if you're interested!

To those who offered tips and donations over the years, I want to let you know that it meant so much to know that someone thought the work was worth something. It gave me some confidence in what I do that wasn't there before. To those who paid for the OST, thank you so much for supporting the game's music. (If you haven't seen it already, here's a reminder that you can also support the composers by checking out the OST!)

Anyways, uh, that's enough from me.

Thanks for reading! 


Pocket Goods | An artbook, and more 58 MB
Jun 01, 2021

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For the first time I buy a sketchbook not even to study it, but to support the developer and thank him for such a wonderful game, which is made with heart
I look forward to your new projects and I believe you will make them happen. Thank you for a pleasant evening over this game, good luck! <3

(I hope you don't mind if I released a video regarding your sketchbook. If you don't mind, just text me and I'll delete it.)


Yaay an artbook ^_^

Congrats on the release! (also "pocket goods" is a really cute name)

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